• creating lasting change



    creating lasting change in the areas of our personal and professional lives that have been

    resistant to change

    Executive Coaching Track

    Creating change in groups and organizations

    For leaders, managers and professionals


    Learn new approaches to creating change in your organization. Be more effective in influencing others. Gain buy-in from members of your group or organization. Foster understanding and collaboration.


    Personal Coaching Track

    Creating change in our personal lives

    For all


    Move beyond New Year's Resolutions. Create the life you want by uncovering and addressing your internal barriers to change.


    Reframing Resistance Course

    8-session comprehensive course

    For leaders who are currently experiencing resistance to change


    This eight-week course will fundamentally change the way you understand, experience and address resistance to change in your organization.


    –– Next sessions begin in January & February ––



  • HOW

    Reframing Resistance is an exciting and effective approach to change of self and others that focuses on the hidden dynamics working against our change efforts.


    Drawing on a number of frameworks such as Immunity to Change, developed by Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey, and Nonviolent Communication, developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Reframing Resistance is a powerful tool for creating lasting change.

  • BIO

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    Gabriel Lockwood

    Personal & Executive Coaching

    Cross-Cultural Communication

    Organization Development

    Conflict Resolution


    Gabriel is passionate about helping leaders create lasting change in their personal and professional lives in a way that is both effective and compassionate.


    Gabriel holds a Master of Science in Organization Development from the Graziadio School of Business and Management at Pepperdine, a graduate certificate in Coaching for Personal Development and Executive Leadership from Fielding, and a Bachelor of Arts in Conflict Resolution and Modern European Languages from the City University of New York.


    Gabriel has spent over eleven years studying and working in Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. He has extensive experience working with both private and corporate clients. He is fluent in French, Russian, Spanish and German.


    Thanks to his wife, mother-in-law and grandmother-in-law, Gabriel is also conversant in Polish.


    Gabriel is certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF).


    What clients are saying...

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    Sr. Vice President, Consulting Services

    Princeton, New Jersey


    "Gabriel has created a safe place for me to come and explore what’s working in my life, what’s not working, and how I can show up in more effective ways. He brings tremendous compassion, presence, and deep listening to our conversations, while at the same time testing my assumptions and challenging me to stretch outside of my comfort zone. Gabriel has supported me through a significant and complex professional change and helped me to discover the confidence to make choices that are more closely aligned with my values, goals and priorities. With his guidance, I was able to move more quickly through the pain of what I was losing, to reveal the gifts of a life lived with greater integrity. For that and so much more, I am grateful."


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    Director, Recruitment Products

    Palos Verdes, California


    "Gabriel coached me through a difficult professional transition. I was avoiding important tasks and was struggling with the conflicts that arose because of that avoidance. Using concepts from Nonviolent Communication and the Immunity to Change approach — as well as his gift of language — Gabriel helped me to surface some of the obstacles that were standing in my way. With this new self-awareness, I was able to reframe what I was avoiding and regenerate the excitement I had for the transition. Within days of our coaching session I was accomplishing what I had spent weeks avoiding."


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    HR Manager for a global technology firm

    Portland, Oregon


    "I’ve been receiving coaching from Gabriel for close to a year now and I’ve found our discussions to be very valuable. His ability to listen closely, to summarize the essence of what I’ve shared and then ask insightful questions has helped me think differently about a variety of situations in my life. I look forward to my coaching sessions with Gabriel because I always take away a feeling of genuine care and support and new considerations for how to move forward."


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    Yoga Instructor, Artist

    New York, New York


    "Gabriel is the most skillful coach I have ever had. He listens attentively, finds the gaps in my processes of engagement and infuses them with my mindful focus of where I want to be and how I may get there. He kindly steers my attention to what is possible from the base of acknowledgement of where I am at. I feel heard, acknowledged, empowered, inspired and I am better able to sort my life into what is most valuable for me. Gabriel asks me powerful questions that help me discover my own answers and direct my focus in a valuable way. I am grateful to be working with him."


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    Emily Quant

    Dancer, Performance Artist

    Cortlandt, New York


    "Gabriel is such a clear coach. Present, focused, relaxed and attentive, he gives thought provoking insights for the 'little things' that seem not quite right, and clear, distilled focus points for the big life stuff that seems overwhelming. I trust completely in his ability to handle whatever intense experience I dish out. Once I called in a blind rage and in 20 minutes had compassion for the person I had been in conflict with. It felt like a miracle - and there is method to the madness. It is the quality of his listening, his great ability to understand, and his clear and gentle seeing to the heart of things. I know that what is going on for me matters. I am so grateful to have him in my life."


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    Director of Professional Development & Grants

    Chicago, Illinois


    "As a professional coach, Gabriel has created a foundation of trust and provides a safe environment in which I can think out loud and formulate all of the ideas and events that are spinning in/around me. His calm and patient demeanor, and his active listening provide a space in which I can focus on my short and long term goals. Gabriel's thoughtful and powerful questions always take me to a deeper place in my thinking and focus, and increase my confidence in my ability to be effective and productive! As a result of working with Gabriel, I have become more self-aware and mindful of the direction I am going and the accomplishments I want to achieve."


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    Co-Owner at SoundStars

    Moscow, Russian Federation


    "Gabriel is someone I'm really proud to know! He is a great teacher, a consummate professional and a multifaceted individual who is also very modest and easy to talk to. After 20 years of trying to learn English (school, “institut”, courses, etc.) I finally started to use it, but the most important thing was that with Gabriel's help I fell in love with English and the process of learning it! Studying with Gabriel is more than just acquiring knowledge - it’s a way to overcome the roadblocks in your study process. He will help you move forward."



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