• 8-session one-on-one coaching and learning series



    Reframing Resistance is a cutting-edge, evidence-based leadership development model for understanding and addressing resistance to change in organizations. It goes beyond transactional change models to address change where it ultimately happens - with people, by facilitating change on an individual, group and organizational level.


    Reframing Resistance is for those who are currently dealing with resistance to change, such as pushback, foot-dragging, missed deadlines, or lack of buy-in in their organizations. This professional development course will teach you new management skills that will help you create lasting change with your teams, co-workers, supervisors, direct reports, partners, clients, vendors, suppliers, and anyone else with whom you work.


    This eight-session course consists of weekly, one-hour individual sessions conducted via phone and screen-sharing that present the various concepts and tools that make up the Reframing Resistance model. Each session includes new content, as well as individualized coaching to help participants learn, integrate and apply the model to their organizational change goals. Unlike traditional leadership development or management courses, this program combines the content of a training seminar with the individualized attention of a coaching engagement.



    "Gabriel introduced me to a world of people management I did not know existed. Anyone who is interested in getting more out of their team, more out of their organization, and more out of their careers, should talk to Gabriel."

    - Tim M., CEO, Food Industry​


    • Learn tools to create sustainable change
    • Be more effective in influencing others
    • Learn to leverage multiple sources of influence
    • Resolve conflicts more easily
    • Increase your Emotional Intelligence
    • Learn collaborative negotiation skills
    • Change your relationship to conflict
    • Become a better listener
    • Build trust and gain buy-in



    "I found the Reframing Resistance model to be unusually actionable. The model is empowering - it takes me out of judgement and into problem solving. This course was pivotal for me."

    - Kate J., VP, Talent Acquisition




    • Presentation of the full Reframing Resistance model
    • 8 hours of combined content and one-on-one coaching
    • Weekly exercises and readings
    • Quick-reference material for applying the model

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    "I went from seeing problems and conflicts to seeing opportunities to engage in productive give-and-take with whoever I'm with."

    - Vanessa J., VP, Non-Profit Organization

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  • Testimonials

    Tim M. – CEO, food industry

    These tools help you in every situation. The model has helped me become less reactive, less irritated and more interested in getting at the root cause...and I get there much faster. Interactions become more collaborative and less adversarial. It’s a humane way of conducting business, but it’s also extremely efficient. That’s where I’ve found the most value: in the efficiency it brings to dialogue. I’ve even used the model to negotiate a better contract with a broker and improve our interviewing process.”

    Kate. J – VP, talent acquisition

    “I found the Reframing Resistance model to be unusually actionable. It helped me transform a relationship that had started to deteriorate. I’m now more hopeful that I can work through conflict with people, and for the first time, I think of conflict in a positive way. The model is empowering – it takes me out of judgment and into problem solving. This course was pivotal for me.”

    Vanessa A. – VP, non-profit organization

    “Reframing Resistance is a way of understanding not only the person and situation that you’re dealing with, but also yourself. I went from seeing problems and conflicts to seeing opportunities to engage in a productive give-and-take with whoever I’m with. It’s something that can change an organization, and it is literally life-changing in terms of the way that people interact.”

    Severine B. – CEO, high-tech manufacturing (France)

    I use the model all the time – It’s just a reflex now. I’m getting frustrated much, much less; I try to understand people better, and they feel it. It has really changed my relationships with people, and I feel less stressed, less anxious, less reactive – and I sleep much better!”